About Barcamps

What is a barcamp?

Barcamps are peer learning meetups featuring discussions on a range of topics - from technology to travel, from science fiction to life-hacks. Barcamps are held all over the world by local volunteers. There are no invited speakers and no pre-scheduled topics.  The presentations and discussion for the day are decided by the participants at the venue.  We often have sessions running in parallel in adjacent rooms. If the discussion in one room does not interest you, feel free to walk out and join the next room. 

 Barcamp Mekong, Can Tho City (Vietnam) Asia Pacific College, May 2010 

Barcamp Hong Kong, Hong Kong Poly University. September 2010

We also have smaller but more focussed events such as EduCamp (Singapore, Vietnam, China) GeekCamp, MusicCamp, ReadCamp and GovCamp. Nobody really owns the "camp" name and any local community can run their own camp. 

Who are the participants?

Attendees are usually technologists, media professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, educators and students. 

Barcamp KL, Inti College, Malaysia, May 2009
Akky Akimoto of Asiajin.com discussing Japanese Web at Tokyo Barcamp, May 2010

Chit, a young developer in Myanmar and  Norbert, the connectivity pioneer of Cambodia at Barcamp Yangon, 2010. 

How does one put up a discussion topic?

Show up early in the day, write down your topic and your name on the topic-sheet and post it on the topic-wall.  In some barcamps, the speakers may be asked to pitch their topics during the introduction session. 

Participants putting up their topics for voting at Chulalongkorn University, Barcamp Bangkok 2008

The attendees will walk around checking out the topics. If they like your topic, they will vote for it. We count the number of votes and assign the slots to the presenters. Each of these presentation slots are 30 to 45 minutes each.  

Topics and votes, Barcamp Chiangmai, Payap University, Thailand, 2008

We will post the time-slots and room details once we finalize the topics. This information is also posted online. If your topic did not get enough votes, we will ask you to join the lightning talks. The lightning talks are held twice in the day and each presenter gets 5 minutes to present his or her idea. We usually have a couple of spare rooms where you can run a mini-discussion in addition to the posted topics.

Barcamp Saigon 2008, RMIT Sagion. Vietnam

What is the format of the sessions?

It could be a group discussion like the the one you see here at Barcampsg3 at Ngee Ann Poly, Singapore in 2009. You can also make a presentation, a demo or run an hands on activity. 

A discussion on technology accessibility at the Phnom Penh barcamp of 2008, Japan-Cambodia Centre, Phnom Penh

Ross on Teaching History in 21st Century, EduCampSG2 at School of Science and Technology, April 2011

Android robot demo at Segi College Subang, Malaysia, Barcamp KL 2010

Get like minded people together and have your own mini-discussion where ever you have space. 

Past Barcamp hosts in Singapore

Singapore's former City Hall building, Barcampsg6 venue

MDA, NUS and Singtel hosted us at their Blk71 incubation centre in 2011. The Singapore City Hall building was the venue (via the the upcoming National Arts Gallery) for the barcamp in October 2010. Singapore Poly was our host in March 2010. Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) hosted the barcamp in November 2009 and Ngee Ann Polytechnic was our host in March 2009.

Video highlights from the fourth barcamp in Singapore at Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) . This video will give you an idea of the happenings at a barcamp.

Singapore barcamps have no sponsors (other than the venue host). We run the event at zero budget. We crowdsource stationary, electrical supplies and wireless equipment. We urge participants to bring their own tumblers for water. There is no registration desk, no lanyards. We strive to make the event  simple and consume as less resources as possible. 

Open Science Barcamp

An OpenScience Barcamp was held on  Friday, 08/Mar/2013 at Tembusu College
Time:  16:00hr to 22:00hr
Building:  Tembusu College (on College Avenue East, off Dover Road. Link to map: http://goo.gl/maps/80n9f )

The goal of OpenScience barcamp was to discuss issues at the intersection of science, academic research and internet. Topics  discussed were

Open Access
Science Commons
Beyond publications (issues with peer-review and high impact journals)
Academic IP ownership
Citizen Science

Link to to photos and participants https://www.facebook.com/events/535142356529944/

Travel as education, EduCampSG1, Teaching and Learning Centre, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, December 2010

Ozzie on using projects as assessment, EduCampSG2 at School of Science and Technology, April 2011

Educamps and barcamps are a good place to try tablets and gadgets and their applications in learning